Project Hall of Fame  

Spring 2014

Nan Nan Screenshot
A screenshot from the "Nan Nan Art Studio" website.

Nan Nan Art Studio, a project by Megumi Takada '17 and Meltem Ozcan '17.

Highlights of the projects:

  • A beautiful roll-over for the vertical navbar, with drop-down menu items that have alternating side icons (children images that are part of the logo).
  • An automatic slideshow in the homepage that also serves as a navigation tool to all other pages.
  • Two dedicated photo gallery pages (paintings and furniture design) where the galleries are generated dynamically with jquery/Javascript (from a list of images) and a lightbox pop-up window is used to show larger versions of the images.
  • A form created with jQuery which expands accordingly, based on user choices and inputs, in the Volunteer page.
  • Contact information that shows/hides when clicked in the Contact page.

Wado Screenshot
A screenshot from the WADO website.

WADO (Wellesley Asian Dance Organization, a project by Frieda Zhang '15 and Victoria Wang '16.

Highlights of the projects:

  • A beautiful splash page with an automatic slide-show and text animation.
  • Modular jQuery/Javascript code for dynamically creating four photo-galleries in the Media page.
  • Rollover effects for images (from black and white to color) in the About page.
  • Sophisticated image processing for multiple images and backgrounds.

Sam Wu Screenshot
A screenshot from Sam Wu's website.