Big Ideas in CS110

  • Representations of information are engineered:
    • numbers,
    • text,
    • images,
    • sound,
    • analog versus digital,
    • etc.
  • Problem Solving:
    • divide and conquer
    • abstraction, functions, parameterization, generality
    • modularity, reusability
    • conditionals
    • notations for computation and algorithms
  • Separating structure from presentation (HTML vs CSS)
  • A process for creating solutions: requirements, design, coding, and testing
  • Encryption, security and privacy
  • Copyright

Medium Size Ideas

  • Programming models: We want to be able to predict the meaning and consequence of code
  • The value of standards and accessibility.
  • Non-decimal number representations: binary, hexadecimal
  • Color representation

Small Ideas

  • HTML as a markup language
  • CSS as a style language
  • JavaScript as a programming language
  • jQuery as a JavaScript library