Lecture 1   Class Activities

We like to begin this course with a little HTML exercise, even though you don't know any HTML yet.

Note that all our directions will be for Google Chrome; that's the standard browser for this course.

Use View/Developer/View Source in Chrome (the keyboard shortcut is command-option-u on a Mac) to look at the source for this web page about fun CS department activities.

Use your intuition to answer the following questions about other HTML code in this file. Guesswork is encouraged. You'll learn better if you write out the answers and compare them with your neighbor's answers. Discuss any discrepancies or ambiguity.

  1. How is a <title> different from <h1>? (each web page should have a distinct title!)
  2. How is <h1> different from <h2>? from <h3>?
  3. How is a bullet list created?
  4. What does <strong> do?
  5. What does <em> do?
  6. What does <q> do?
  7. What does <blockquote> do?
  8. What does <br> do?
  9. What does <hr> do?
  10. How are the beginning and end of a region (part of the document) marked?
  11. Are there any tags that don't have both a beginning and an end?
  12. What tag is used to insert an image? How does its use differ from other tags in the file?
  13. How are hyperlinks (links to other web pages) created?

Ask questions about anything you don't understand.

If you'd like to try some things out, you can play using jsfiddle