• For the benefit of society, authors rights are protected
  • but not indefinitely and not without limits

Fair Use

A limit on an existing copyright. Depends on

  1. Nature of the use (e.g. commercial vs educational)
  2. Nature of the work (e.g. creative vs factual)
  3. Amount (whole or part)
  4. Effect on Potential Market

Copyright Infringment &neq; Plagiarism

Giving credit doesn't protect you!


  1. Class divided into 4 groups
  2. Each group gets a leader and a secretary
    • Leader helps keep discussion on track, and ensures everyone gets to contribute.
    • secretary writes down most important thoughts
  3. Each group choose one or more topics to discuss. Can draw from previous topics.
    • Group 1 from topics 1-8
    • Group 2 from topics 9-16
    • Group 3 from topics 17-24
    • Group 4 from topics 24 and up
  4. We'll have group reports collectively after 20 minutes or so



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