Jeopardy Day

To review the course material in a fun and engaging way we will play Jeopardy. The link to the Jeopardy Board is available only to the instructors.


  1. Profs will have created 4 teams of students. Gather with your teammates and pick a name for your team. First team to come up with a name will go up first.
  2. All team names are written on the whiteboard, to keep track of each team's score.
  3. The team that has control of the board choses a question, for example "CSS for 3". All teams start working on the solution and the team who is the fastest, gets a shot at the answer. If they get it wrong, other teams can try giving their answer, until the right answer is found and that team earns the available points. A team doesn't get to answer twice the same question, though they can continue to try to figure out the solution for their own sake.
  4. Questions with high points are a bit more challenging than questions with few points.
  5. Once a question is selected, it is open to the entire class to answer. We will give some number of seconds to think before allowing teams to ring in. The team that has control of the board merely selects the category and point value, then all teams vie to get the correct answer and win the points.
  6. After a team gets a question correct, they have control of the board. If there is a question that stumps all teams (or, all teams attempt and get it initially wrong), then the team with the fewest points will get control of the board.
  7. At the end of the class, a copy of all question/answers will be distributed.

No Computers Allowed

Clearly, students are not allowed to consult a computer or any electronic device connected to the Internet. However, personal notes may be consulted.