Nan Nan with student

About Nan Nan

Nan Nan is a contemporary artist, designer, and educator. She has shown her work in the United States, Canada, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, and Hong Kong. Her work is collected worldwide. Her art training is in traditional techniques at the University of Culture State School of the Fine Arts with a focus on sculpture.

Nan Nan (Hnin Yin Nwe) has been an artist since she was a child. She grew up under the wing of her parents who were both traditionally-trained painters and educators. As a child she was already recognized by the city of Yangon and received many awards from various associations.

While it would be easy to pursue a career in traditional painting, Nan Nan pushed her work conceptually to the edge as she crafted her unique vision in abstract and non-traditional art. She has a deep sense of commitment to simplification in multiples styles and explores this through paintings, sculptures and designs.

Over the years, she has explored themes important to her personally, such as Myanmar architecture, Buddhist meditation, women's issues, children's toys, travel, offerings, and festivals of Myanmar such as the Giant Balloon Festival and the Monks’ March in Yangon. She is continually exploring new ideas and techniques. Nan Nan is always exploring new avenues to be creative in everyday life though her personal vision.

Not only is Nan Nan a fine artist, but she is also a designer creating furniture and light designs. She makes many unique combinations of materials, making fun and highly unique designs in furniture, jewelry, crafts and toys.

Nan Nan is a contemporary creative force in the new Myanmar art explosion. She is unique as a young woman, artist, and teacher. As a teacher, she is not only inspiring, but open minded and a risk taker. Yet more importantly, she is able to share her wealth of ideas with children and young people through her art school Atutu. She is full of tireless energy exploring new worlds in creativity and sharing her ideas, techniques and inspirations with children of all ages and backgrounds.