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About Atutu Art School

Atutu means “together” in Burmese, and our philosophy is to share ideas. Children learn art from different aspects of everyday life as well as the art teachers who influence them. Our motto is to guide students, not to command students. At Atutu, we work together to help children know the importance of being themselves and the urgency to create at will through the love of peace, gratitude, creativity and sharing.

Through this big spirit, children and teachers can come together to share the gift that art brings: the gift to know yourself and help others. At Atutu we feel it is very important that we do not teach children rules. We believe they are already good artists and that children need the time to work and create. We are teachers and friends and volunteers working together to help bring out the inner, creative spirit and foster self-expression for everyone.

We dare children to draw and be their own artist.

Teachers here are inspirational guides. We hope to motivate, encourage, inspire, and energize. Atutu is about being together as artists no matter what your age, your background, your feelings, or your style is. Atutu is about sharing and growing and learning the power of Art, as we work together designing, building, and creating with a big heart open to the seeds of imagination and through the eye and spark of a child.