Project Design   How to fulfill the minimum requirements?

JS Applications for the Minimum Requirements

The Project Design phase asks you to describe how each partner will fulfill the minimum requirement of creating two distinct JavaScript applications. We would like you to choose those applications from this list:

  1. Having the page depend on the date
  2. Counting down to an calendar event
  3. Calculating something for the user, based on a form
  4. A drop-down menu
  5. An image gallery
  6. Putting a random image on the page.
  7. An image carousel (automatic slideshow)
  8. A manual slideshow
  9. An animation
  10. Emailing the data in form using Ajax

Note that submitting a form to a web server is not done with JavaScript. In fact, you can submit the content of a form without a single line of JavaScript code. Look ahead to our notes about Submitting Forms if you're interested to learn about this process.

If there is something special you would like to do that doesn't appear on this list of pre-approved JavaScript applications, you may talk to your advisor about it, but you must get explicit approval. When you talk to your advisor, you will need to demonstrate that you'll be able to do it, typically by showing your advisor a clear, reliable tutorial.

If you have questions about your plans to fulfill the minimum requirements, don't hesitate to contact an instructor.