CS 110 Team Account Request

This form allows a team of people, say for a course project, to request an account on the Wellesley CS department's server. All fields are required.

What are the real names of your team members? (e.g. Wendy Wellesley) This lets us know what actual people are associated with an account.

What are the email addresses of your team members? (e.g. wwellesl@wellesley.edu). This lets the server contact the team members electronically, if necessary, say if the team account is over quota.

person 1email 1
person 2email 2

What's your team account name? This will be the username you supply when you log in. Try to choose something different from the other teams. It should be all lowercase. Don't use any special characters, such as the ampersand. Stick to letters and digits.
account name

What password does your team want to use? Be sure to choose a good password. Here are some useful tips. (It should not be the same as the existing password of any team member. It should be at least 5 characters long, and can have any characters except a space.) Please remember this password.

re-type password

Here is some Important Usage Information that you should make sure you have read and understand. Click the box if you have read and understand the account usage rules.

What CS course are you taking? We use this information to check against course rolls to ensure that accounts are only created for legitimate users.

Will you need a shell account or an FTP account? CS110 team accounts need an FTP account. Most upper-level courses (such as CS304) need a shell account. If you don't understand this question, check with your professor.